The Life Loft


In Ayurveda, space and speech are related. Space (akash) is the vehicle, the medium through which sound travels. If you want to get your message across, we have Space to Rent.

800 sq foot studio, with lofted ceilings, sky lights, dimmable lighting, ample props including chairs, mats, blocks, cushions & blankets etc. Separate change room, kitchen for snack prep, front reception and lounge area.

Available for weekend seminars and workshops. Friday - Sunday.

Class times available throughout the week.

Please call (416)799-8808 or email us at for availability and details.

Studio Space

The Life Loft,  390 Dupont Street, Suite 201 Toronto Ontario M5R 1V9 (416)799-8808

.... respite amid the noise & haste

The Loft




Studio Space

Practitioner Treatment Rooms

We have room on our team for fellow health care practitioners. Ideally suited for Osteopaths or Psychotherapists.  Full time and part time treatment rooms available.