The Life Loft


Registered Massage Therapy - Christine Cinq Mars,
Robert Kilmer 

Naturopathy - Pascaline Phillips                           

Craniosacral Therapy- Christine Cinq Mars 

Breast Massage- Christine Cinq Mars

Nutrition - Pascaline Phillips

Homeopathy - Pascaline Phillips

Hot Stone Massage- Robert Kilmer

Swedish Massage- Robert Kilmer              

Acupuncture- Pascaline Phillips        

Kinesio Taping - Christine Cinq Mars

Ayurvedic Bodywork - Christine Cinq Mars

Pre & Post Natal Massage - Robert Kilmer       

Lifestyle Counselling - Pascaline Phillips

Feldenkrais Method - Marion Harris

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - Heidi Walk

A Whole Loft of Care (our services)

The Life Loft,  390 Dupont Street, Suite 201 Toronto Ontario M5R 1V9 (416)799-8808

.... respite amid the noise & haste

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