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The Life Loft is place of learning, growing, healing. It is a place to acquire the tools and wisdom to live life with grace and ease. It is a restful, joyful place to seek respite from the noise and haste of daily life.

The Life Loft is inspired by The Science of Life - Ayurveda.  Ayus means “life” and veda “science” or “knowledge”. Ayurveda is the perfect example of medicine meeting the demands of daily living. It encourages healthy lifestyles, routines, massage, herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet, exercise, yoga and self examination.

Through the skills and experience of the practitioners here at The Life Loft, we hope to provide that broad spectrum of support. Whether you need massage therapy or group movement classes, mindfulness or acupuncture we have something to offer.

I encourage you to check out the perspectives and services of the various teachers and practitioners to see how The Life Loft can keep you aloft.

Christine Cinq Mars, Director


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